John Leo had a fear for a heart attack

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How would John Leo one day after his ovewinning on The Voice Senior? The recording of the final date back a while ago and those pictures were quite emotional for the singer from Yellow. The 66-year-old singer vreede during the filming of a ataqque to get in, he told The Latest News. Leo Geudens, that is the real name of artist John Leo, because, as we should really call it. John Leo is an artist in heart and soul. His tender, he has a lot to thank Marc Dex. The father of Barbara persuaded John to write and he has no regrets.

“I thought that Rita would win and shocked me a bump when An Lemmens my name afriep. Believe me, I was dying on stage, because I was afraid that I my text would be forgotten. I feared even that I have a seizures would get,” he says in The Latest News.
John had three years ago, underwent a serious surgery. Actually, it would be a open-heart surgery, but saw that John does not sit in fear never more with his voice to lash out. And dws, there were seven stents placed. “Fortunately, there are now better techniques. I feel better,” smiles the singer, who is yet another medical problem.

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