Jewish resistance fighter (108) that hundreds of children saved, died

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The Jewish resistance fighter Georges Loinger’s Friday death. Loinger saved during the Second world War in France the lives of hundreds of Jewish children.

Georges Loinger was in August, 1910 born in Strasbourg into a family with seven children. In the thirties he went to work in the shipping industry, after which he, the teacher of physical education.

During the war he was taken prisoner by the Germans in the forest of Haguenau and to a work camp in Bavaria, sent. But he managed to escape and joined the resistance in France. Between 1943 and 1944 he managed to more than three hundred Jewish children out of the hands of the Germans and to keep them to Switzerland, giving him the nickname ‘the saviour’ gave.

After the Second world War, he was present on the ship, Exodus, that survivors of the Holocaust to Palestine brought under British mandate, and organized later on pilgrimages to the Holy Land.

Loinger, and returned later to France, where he has several decorations and titles received, including that of honorary citizen of Strasbourg.

Loinger died Friday in Paris. He was 108 years old.

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