German-woman prosecuted for death kindslaaf (5)

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The German Jennifer W, which in Iraq was part of IS, is prosecuted for war crimes. She let a five year old girl, by her service as a slave, to die of thirst.

Jennifer W.(27) joined in september 2014 with IS in Iraq, and has, according to the German parquet quickly up through the ranks within the organization.

They would be between June and september 2015 formed part of the vice squad IS in Falloujah, and Mossul. Her task was to ensure that the women the rules of the organization would respect. They would be a salary have received between 70 and 100 dollars per month.

Five-year-old slave died

In the summer of 2015, according to the public prosecutor’s office also together with her husband, a girl had bought five years as a slave in the household. The girl was sick and peed on her mattress. To punish her, she was outside in the heat to be chained by the man and they died of thirst. Jennifer W. did nothing to help the girl.

The woman was in January 2016 busted in Ankara, Turkey, at the output of the German embassy, where she got her papers in order brought. The Turkish security agencies gave her off to Germany.

Because there is not sufficient evidence was against her, if they first return to her home in lower Saxony. ‘It has always been her goal to return to the IS-land’, say the prosecutors. She tried in June 2018 to Syria to travel, but the German police arrested her.

There is still no procesdatum. The woman is risking lifetime imprisonment if they are found guilty.

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