Galapagos islands prohibit fireworks to protecting ecosystems

e7a622e1dd9ae778b9cdd807573f7aac - Galapagos islands prohibit fireworks to protecting ecosystems

To the unique ecosystem to protect the Galapagos islands, the sale and use of fireworks prohibited. That decided the local council.

Fireworks that no noise remains allowed. ‘Ecosystems that are as exceptional as the Galapagos islands are damage caused by fireworks’, it sounds in a statement.

Fireworks caused palpitations in animals, cardiac disease, stress and anxiety. It also changes their behavior, and their survival is compromised. The chemicals in the fireworks contamineren in addition, water and air, it sounds. In addition, it causes fireworks damage to people, especially to children.

The Galapagos islands are because of their special fauna and flora since 1978 and a world heritage site. The archipelago, with its approximately 130 islands, is one of politics, until it is about 1000 km away in Ecuador. In april banned the island is still plastic for single use. The past year brought about 200,000 tourists visiting the islands.

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