Egypt strikes back hard after touch: forty ‘terrorists’ killed

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In Egypt all the forty ‘terrorists’ killed in three different actions of the security forces. Reports that the Egyptian ministry of the Interior Saturday.

The security services came after an attack on tourists in Giza in action. They acted against the ” three terrorist hideouts’ in Giza and the Sinai peninsula. In Giza were thirty people were killed, according to the ministry. According to the Interior were the ‘terrorist elements’ of planning a series of attacks to perform on state institutions, tourist facilities, security services, and churches. The police took large amounts of weapons, explosives and substances for the making of explosives seized. When the operations occurred, did the ministry not clear, but according to regimekrant al-Ahram found the raids on Saturday morning.

The Egyptian authorities use the term ‘terrorists’ to refer to radical islamists.

According to the Egyptian ministry of Interior, exploded the bomb Friday, slightly after 18 hours local time next to a busy road in the neighbourhood of the pyramids. There were four people killed, three Vietnamese tourists and their Egyptian guide. Eleven others were injured.

Bad for tourism

Attacks on tourists, and terrorist attacks continue holiday Egypt plagues. Especially on the Sinai peninsula, there are regular incidents. But also in the capital Cairo or in other parts of the country, attacks for. The travel sector has seriously suffered. The amount of tourist decreased strongly after the Arab Spring in 2011, all recovered they since light.

There are no Belgian customers of TUI and Thomas Cook, the largest reisorganisators in our country, in the capital. “We do not fly to Cairo, but there are excursions to there. Typically our customers choose not to. They come for the sun and the sea’, says Tui spokesman Piet Demeyere.

Thomas Cook had a trip to Cairo scheduled for Saturday, but both the organization as Tui deletes all excursions.

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