Dead and four injured in demonstrations against delay Congolese elections

f8640c756cfc097c0a26de5ab1e0c583 - Dead and four injured in demonstrations against delay Congolese elections

On events in the Congolese city of Beni against the postponement of the elections on Friday in one dead and four injured cases. In most regions of the country was not argued.

In Beni, Butembo and Goma was Friday events against the delay in the Congolese elections of Sunday in Beni-Butembo. The police drove the protesters from each other, and in Goma, the equipment was of a cameraman of BBC seized by the police. ‘White journalists’ were allowed in addition, no images of police operations. There were during the event, also shot to hear.

A manifestant was wounded in the head and was transferred to the morgue, noted a journalist of AFP. According to the citizens ‘ movement Lutte pour le changement (Lucha) became four people injured. Sources also report of ‘numerous arrests’.

Sources within the army and the police report that the residence of the deputy director responsible for the fight against crime and was fired. Sources in the security forces confirm that there is one dead and four injured.

Largely quiet

The alliance around oppositiekandidaat Martin Fayulu had Thursday called for a general strike in the whole country. With an action of ‘dead city’ wants the alliance Lamuka protest against the postponement of the general elections to march 2019 for 1.2 million of the total of 40 million registered voters in two regions of turmoil, or an ebola epidemic struck. In most of the regions in the country was not, however, responded to the call, which the economic activity there normally was.

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