Brits want urgent consultations with the French about new, potentially life-threatening ‘bootjesroute’

Uk wants urgent consultations with France on the migrants who try to cross the Channel to in inflatable boats. That the British minister of Immigration, Caroline Nokes, Saturday said.

The number of migrants from France is not more trucks but with a boat tries to cross the Channel to the direction of England, is increasing rapidly. For the British coast between Tuesday and Friday for a total of 64 migrants from Iran, Iraq, Syria and Afghanistan being rescued with inflatable rubberbootjes their chance ventured. The counter of intercepted migrants since the beginning of november already more than 220, while that in the whole of 2017 12. And those are just the boats that are discovered. The number of undetected crossings is certainly much higher.

The intercepted migrants are caught by police and emergency services, which the government recently laxity blamed.

Urgent consultations

Caroline Nokes, the British minister of Immigration, traveled on Saturday afternoon to the coastal town of Dover, where the regular lifejackets and broken boats are found on the chalk cliffs. Nokes agreed with the local authorities and some members of parliament. “This is a growing problem that is not matter of will ebbing away,” said Nokes. ‘Urgent consultations with Paris is necessary. Let’s also not forget that we are here with people’s lives, and with people who have a terrible, terrible risk.”

With Nokes all at once, the British Interior minister, Sajid Javid, of answer. Who had on Friday said that the increasing number of attempts to cross the Channel to on boats ‘is without a doubt a significant incident’.

The crossing to the United Kingdom via the Channel, a distance of a minimum of 33 kilometres, is very dangerous due to the busy shipping traffic, strong currents and the low temperature of the seawater.

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