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A lot of hope, with nothing behind it – The largest cases on the 2018 everyone has been waiting for

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Whether it was a Coinbase Listing of XRP, Bakkt, the Chinese new year, or the introduction of an ETF. In the year 2018, there were, as every year, some of the events was claimed by them that they were responsible for the massive price fluctuations. In this article, we will go on a few of these events, and explain whether they resulted be actually something, or whether this claim out of thin air.

XRP and the Coinbase Listing

Coinbase is one of the largest trading platforms for crypto-currencies, it is the dream of most of the crypto-investors that the crypto-currency have invested in you, Coinbase will be listed. This is not by chance, by the Listing of Bitcoin Cash and Litecoin, the so-called “Coinbase effect“ was born. The Coinbase effect describes the massive price increase of a crypto-currency, shortly after an announcement for a possible Listing on Coinbase or the effective date of the Listing. Litecoin rose after the Listing of 57%, Bitcoin Cash even to 64%. Also XRP in the last 12 months, many rumors of a possible Listing on Coinbase, alone, these rumors ranged from several times for an increase of almost 20%. Although the CEO of Coinbase denied the rumours of a Listing, many have not given up hope for a XRP Listing. A lot of XRP supporters were, however, extremely radical for a Listing, so that the “XRP Listing” was on some Social Media platforms, even to a Running Gag.

The bonuses of wall street bankers

For some reason, the rumors went around at the beginning of January of 2018, many of the Wallstreet bankers will put their bonuses, which you should receive at the 15.01.2018, in the crypto-market. This led to large crypto-Influencer Tweets deposed, where you can rate the explosions said before, just because the wall street bonuses. An example of this is the tweets from Meltem Demirors, a well-known crypto-Influencerin currently has more than 75,000 followers.

Meltem Demirors about the bonuses of wall street bankers

Even if many hoped it is, speculation as to the flow of the Wallsteet-bonuses in the crypto-market had no impact on the prices.

Chinese New Year

That Chinese investors will play a big role in the crypto-market, it should be for anyone something New. As the Bitcoin in the night of 15.01.2018 on the 16.January has crashed by more than 28%, suspected many of the Chinese new year (on 16.02.2018) as the reason. Since the Chinese are known to be quite a lot of money for gifts and celebrations to spend, on came the suspicions that many Chinese investors would have liquidated their crypto-Assets, to celebrate the Chinese new year extensively, and to give generously. The disagreed, however, that the Chinese new year is only a month after the price drop, and most investors should have enough capital to avoid crypto-Assets for gifts to sell. Even if it were the case that some had to your crypto-Assets to sell, it would be very unlikely that so many had to sell that a price decline of 28%.


The International Exchange (ICE), which the New York Sock Exchange (NYSE) had announced that it owns the regulated crypto-trading platform Bakkt. On Bakkt the customer should be able to act physically covered Futures. A variety of crypto-investors in Bakkt a hope, because by means of a regulated, physically stored Futures by institutional investors, the market could enter. Many even went as far as that with the Launch of Bakkt a new Bullrun ushered in. Originally, the Bakkt Bitcoin Futures on 12. December 2018, go to the Start, but Bakkt was postponed again and again, most recently in Q1 2019. Even if many still hope that the Bullrun is associated with the Start of Bakkt, it will not happen in the year 2018.

Bitcoin ETFs

The ETFs come from?

It all started with the announcement of the Chicago Mercantile Exchange (CME) on 14.10.2017, the CME announced until the end of 2017 Bitcoin to bring ETFs to the market. Thus, more and more hopes in the crypto-investors that these ETFs, institutional funds will be invested in the crypto-market, and prices are again shooting up. After the American securities and exchange Commission (SEC) rejected a variety of Bitcoin-ETF applications or the decisions for the applications in the course of the year 2018 has been postponed, caught a lot of investors entitled to doubt whether the crypto-ETFs will ever appear. Even if he is not still on the market, one should not underestimate the potential impact of a Bitcoin ETFs, since the combination of a regulated financial currencies product such as ETFs and an extremely volatile asset class such as Crypto, for the institutional investors is extremely attractive could be. The rumors of the ETFs have not triggered over the year, again and again, in the short term, small increases in the range of 10-15%, a new Bullrun they brought.

On the basis of the ongoing bear market, which extends to the year 2018, one can conclude that, although there are always events and rumors that are trying to announce a new Bullrun, this triggered, in the past, but either no or only short-term price increases.

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