2018 was a turbulent year for Steven Goegebeur

3d0a26889ab8c8b2b915fd70ea124479 - 2018 was a turbulent year for Steven Goegebeur

2018 was for Steven Goegebeur a year with ups and downs. Professionally, there were a lot of ups, personally, a lot of downs, said the stand-up comedian in Gazet van Antwerpen. Mid-October he was unexpectedly hospitalized with heart problems. It began, reportedly, all with a painful arm when he was on a Sunday at a football game his son was going to look. “My arm was the day after was literally blue and that color is moved to the top. After blood tests turned out that there were alarming values in my blood, I should the hospital not once more abandoned, and had to be further explored. My coronary artery was constricted and my blood pressure is much too high. 19 about 11. That is really not good. I was a walking time bomb,” said Steven Goegebeur in that interview. A day after he was back from the hospital he was already back on the shelves in Temse. He finds that he can’t make it to a show to order. On stage, he can say that easily the flip.

Drink Alcohol, he doesn’t, but with food, he let himself regularly. After a show, he sat down at the chip shop or was he a pita to eat. Or the stand-up comedian felt well or not, he went to reward themselves with food. Problems of push and less brooding is not exactly his biggest specialty.

Currently following Steven Goegebeur on the orders of the doctors, a protein diet and he is getting rid of that unhealthy lifestyle. Under the strict guidance of his dietitian, the family doctor and someone of that protein diet he is literally doorgesleurd. Nevertheless, the fact that he has this to say spartan diet, he feels much better and more energetic.

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