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Who else? Mathieu van der Poel ride in Loenhout resistance on a pile of

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Also on the ultra-fast route of the Azencross in Loenhout was there Friday afternoon, no size on Mathieu van der Poel. The Dutch allerwinnaar went there from the start, as a spear of by and conducted in the noorderkempen (antwerp) is again a onemanshow on which the opposition was demoted to extras. For Van der Poel was already in his nineteenth victory of the season. Wout van Aert was again second, this time in 40 seconds of his rival. Toon Aerts finished third at 41 seconds and hold in the ranking of the DVV Trophy eleven seconds on Van der Poel.


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“I should be very glad to spend as much time back pack on Show Aerts in the DVV classification”, responded Van der Poel immediately after the finish. “That I had here today at such a rapid circulation is not expected. In Baal I am going to try to the lead to take over, but that cross still needs to be ridden. I have been very much enjoyed by the audience today. Time and time again I marvel about how much atmosphere here in Loenhout. I’m going as much as possible, try to continue to do that, I think.”

Wout van Aert was in Loenhout for the fifteenth time this season second. “Mathieu placed already in the first round of gear. I was perfectly positioned, but could not follow. He was so clearly the better. In the Attic I could in the final laps had the time to make good on Mathieu, but that was perhaps a distorted picture because Mathieu at the beginning of the race many had given. This was, perhaps, a slightly less good match of myself. Also because I didn’t really believe in a turnaround.”

About two weeks, there is the BK cyclocross, Van der Poel,, of course not. “That is indeed exciting. And that is good. That is a course to look forward to. A championship is always nice. That Toon Aerts found out that he was too little got help in the pursuit? I understand that he is disappointed is because he is here as a leader, as much of his advantage to lose, but I have ever less support.”

Nineteenth victory of the season

For Mathieu van der Poel it is his nineteenth victory of the season, the fourth in this DVV Trophy after the Jaarmarktcross in Niel, the Flandriencross in Hamme and the Scheldecross in Antwerp. Toon Aerts won on november 1, the Koppenbergcross in Oudenaarde, the openingsmanche. Van der Poel was then 21st and lost over four minutes.

On 1 January, the DVV Trophy further with the GP Sven Nys in Baal. This is followed by the Brussels Universities Cyclocross (6 January) and the Krawatencross in Lille (9 February).

Saturday Brico Cross in Bredene

Due to the very busy crossprogramma appears Mathieu van der Poel Saturday, not at the start of the Brico Cross Bredene. Also Show Aerts signs are not present. However, the party is Wout van Aert. The world champion can for a unique ensure by this cross for the third consecutive time in a row to win. In addition, he also won already in 2014.

Top five Loenhout

1. Mathieu van der Poel

2. Wout van Aert +40”

3. Toon Aerts +41”

4. Michael Vanthourenhout

5. Tom Meeusen

New balance DVV Trophy

1. Toon Aerts

2. Mathieu van der Poel +11”

3. Michael Vanthourenhout +2’58”

4. Laurens Sweeck +4’25”

5. Tom Meeusen +5’11”

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