What goes on in 2019 in the Family happen?

edb5e8736e7a269fc5dfca9397889920 - What goes on in 2019 in the Family happen?

The are turbulent times in the family Van den Bossche. They are currently hassle-free holidays experience, that the truth would be dishonor to hurt. Meanwhile, Véronique, already a half year in jail as the prime suspect of the stabbing on Amélie. It is known that the midseason finale next week Friday almost exclusively has to do with the process that the fed will be. Will her son Cédric there determine whether Véronique years in prison will be allowed to hum, or cause the emotions to ensure that he breaks and his mother is recording? The viewers of Family yearn for weeks to the end of this storyline, they want to Véronique to be happy again to see, especially now that the click so well with Lars. But let’s not forget that there is still someone like Marie on the loose. She manipulates Cédric has been a long time and maybe she has more venom in him. It is also still coffee grounds to see how the storyline around the football career of Jelle Van den Bossche will continue. He does out of his free will to matchfixing and sooner or later there will be the bomb for sure burst. Must first victims to fall, maybe?
And then we have not even talked about Benny who is in trouble has worked. He wanted his best friend Jonas from the need to help but is now itself twice over in the problems. Viewers have in the meantime also by the bierverhaal of Niko will have a less pleasant turn of events, that much is certain. The promise without a doubt exciting weeks to be for the viewers, the chance is great that there is somewhere still a corpse from the cabinet will fall.

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