Veerle Baetens warns of scammers

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“She explains how she has done in the television show “Z News”, she knew within a very short period of time millions to make money”, we read in an ad on Facebook. And that ‘she’ is topactrice Veerle Baetens. The actress is just as a lot of other familiar faces to the victims of a scam. Not that Veerle itself in this online fraud to be kicked, but the advertiser certainly makes the misuse of her name and face. “This is the best opportunity I’ve ever had”, is the quote of Veerle Baetens, who are the makers of the website use. Or should we abuse write, because the actress knows nothing about it. “Er, for all clarity, this is the sheerest nonsense!”, writes Veerle Baetens Friday night on Facebook.

Through the website, people are encouraged to 250 euro or more to deposit to invest in the Bitcoin-trading platform Crypto Revolt. That platform came earlier this week in the press because, among other Eddy Planckaert also the slahtoffer was the abuse of his good name or fame.
The websites over which we have promise of a superhigh rendenment and under their posts on the first sight comments of people on Facebook, but also those comments are fake. There is in the news reports also talk of Channel Z, a financial tv channel. So to speak, would Stijn Wuyts of Channel Z are enthusiastic about the new way of earning money. But also at Channel Z, they are not to speak about this new form of fake news. On the Facebook page of Channel Z, they have even fraud.
“A rogue company tries to FB users fall into the trap to lure with false advertising for investing in cryptomunten. It refers to a so-to-speak conversation in Z-News anchor Stijn Wuyts. Stijn would be on the show immediately, and have invested and prompt his stake to see double. That’s right, of course not! Such a conversation never took place. We recommend everyone to invest in cryptomunten (bitcoins and other): that is much too speculative because they have no economic value! Finally, we would also recommend always to order the name of such service provider(s), first search on Google: you will immediately notice the fraud!”

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