Us shutdown will be at least until next week

d8e8fa604084a28ec91923a4031400be - Us shutdown will be at least until next week

Republicans and Democrats on Thursday in Washington failed to find a compromise around the Us budget. After a session of four minutes and went to both chambers of the U.s. congress without compromise from each other.

This will cause the so-called ‘shutdown’, or closure of a number of public services in the US, at least until next week. The next session of the Senate is scheduled for Monday at 10 o’clock American time, but the legislative work would be Wednesday, resume.

The budgetary impasse was Thursday already in its sixth day. The biggest stumbling block is to find a solution remains the requirement of the American president Donald Trump in the budget $ 5 billion to provide for the construction of a wall on the border with Mexico. That requirement would the Democrats not be able to accept.

Trump placed the blame for the shutdown than fully in them. “The Democratic party elects openly for our government to close illegal migrants to defend instead of the American people,” according to a press release from the White House.

As long as there is no agreement, a number of Us government departments closed. Hundreds of thousands of civil servants sitting at home without pay, or have to work without be paid.

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