Two Vietnamese killed in attack in Egypt

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In the explosion on a tourist bus near the pyramids of Giza, south of Cairo, are two of the Vietnamese people to the life to come. Reports that the Egyptian ministry of the Interior. Ten others were injured.

“A homemade explosive is to be detonated when a bus with on board 14 Vietnamese tourists passed by,” says the ministry in a press release. The driver and the representative of a travel agency, both of them Egyptians, were also injured.

The police are on the spot to come, reports the ministry.


Egypt is a popular tourist destination. The Belgian customers of TUI and Thomas Cook, the largest reisorganisators in our country, are not in the capital. “We do not fly to Cairo, but there are excursions to there. Typically our customers choose not to. They come for the sun and the sea’, says Tui spokesman Piet Demeyere.

Thomas Cook had a trip to Cairo scheduled for Saturday, but that is temporarily on hold’. “We wait until we have further details,” says a spokeswoman for the company.

Extremist groups

Egypt is regularly affected by attacks by extremist groups, which are focused against the veiliheidsdiensten and the christian Coptic minority. By those attacks were the security measures at tourist attractions already raised.

In 2015, demanded the terrorist group Islamic State a terrorist attack on a plane, in which 224 passengers were killed. The plane had just taken off in the seaside resort of Sharm-el-Sheikh and had mostly Russian tourists on board.

The attack was a severe blow to the tourist sector, which is very important for the Egyptian economy. Who had to suffer under political instability since the popular uprising of 2011 that led to the fall of president Hosni Mubarak.

The last couple of months tourism is on the rise. According to official figures, got the country last year 8.2 million tourists over the floor. That there are a lot less than the 14.7 million tourists in 2010.

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