Trump wants to border with Mexico to close as money for wall is not provided

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President Donald Trump has on Friday threatened with the closing of the border between the United States and Mexico, as the democrats in Congress do not approve the financing of the construction of a wall. The issue puts the federal government since december 22, lam.

“We will be forced to the southern border to fully close when the obstructionistische Democrats us do not have the money to give to the wall to complete”, tweette Trump, who them asked: “the ridiculous laws about immigration that our country is saddled is to change.

He went further that the closing of the border will be a ‘profitable operation’ would be, because the US, according to him, 75 billion per year loses by trading with Mexico under the NAFTA. ‘We are building a wall or closing the southern border, ” she said.

Trump had repeatedly his displeasure about the Nafta trade treaty between Canada, Mexico and the United States. He demanded of the other countries that the agreement was renegotiated, and at the end of november, a new replacement agreement was signed.

In addition, he said that the aid to Honduras, Guatemala and El Salvador is discontinued. ‘Honduras, Guatemala and El Salvador do nothing for the United States, except our money. It is said that there is a new caravan to form in Honduras, and they do nothing. We will provide the assistance to these three countries, who have been benefiting from the US, stop!’, according to the president.

The negotiations between Democrats and Republicans for the “shutdown” in the United States to terminate failed Thursday. The partial closure of the federal government, allowing hundreds of thousands of civil servants to be unemployed, will consequently have at least until next week.

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