The Hollywoodaanbod of 2019: grand cru or déjà vu?

9fdb13c91717343f543b1e024e4612d5 - The Hollywoodaanbod of 2019: grand cru or déjà vu?

What brings the “dream factory” of Hollywood the next year? Based on what’s happening in the movie theaters will end up, a feeling of déjà vu you come over. But if the Hollywoodmachine of the countless sequels and remakes, the better assembly line work and abstract, the year might be a bit of a grand cru. What the financial side of the case, the winner is already known: the Disney group of companies. That octopus spans the studios, Marvel, Pixar, Lucasfilm, Walt Disney Pictures and Disney Animation.

Next year Disney with as many as three live-actionremakes movies are animatiestal: ‘Dumbo’, directed by Tim Burton, ” Aladdin (directed by Guy Ritchie) and ‘The Lion King’. In the animatiegenre followed by two sequels, ‘Frozen 2’ and ‘Toy Story 4’, and the Jungle Book spinoff ‘Mowgli, legend of the jungle’. The Marvel store has come up with ‘Captain Marvel’, the story of an intergalactic war where earth is defended by superhero Carol Danvers (in the ordinary life of an actress Brie Larson), and the equally cosmic oorlogsprent ‘Avengers: Endgame, again with Brie Larson’s turn as captain Marvel, and Scarlett Johansson as the “black widow”.

In the X-Men series comes to Fox with actually two sequels: “the Dark Phoenix” (with Jennifer Lawrence and Jessica Chastain) and ‘The New Mutants’ (with Antonio Banderas). The numerous Star Wars fans can prepare themselves for a new episode, the ninth, of the endless space-epic, that Lucasfilm until 2029 wants to stretch. The Northern Irish filmmaker Kenneth Branagh, in a previous life, another Shakespeare-adapter, “Artemis Fowl”, about a criminal who, not from real life, a fairy kidnaps and ransom demands. Branagh knew, moreover, sufficient time, after ‘Murder on the Orient Express’, ‘Death on the Nile’, a new film adaptation of a novel by Agatha Christie to be tinned, with himself as the Belgian detective Hercule Poirot. Of spin-offs spoken: also Batmanfans be at their beck and call, with a film in which the infamous antagonist The Joker is central. The clown-villain is shaped by Joaquin Phoenix.

Those who are not straight sequels, with retained voltage following continue expect: to share two of the ‘Lego Movie’, ‘Godzilla’, ‘The secret life of pets’, ‘Angry Birds’, the horrorsucces ‘It’, ‘Zombieland’, ‘Farmageddon’ (a sequel to ‘Shaun the Sheep’) and ‘Wonder Woman’. Also ‘Glass’ of M. Night Shyamalan as a follow-up movie is sold, although you don’t necessarily ‘Split’ to have seen. Also The Addams Family is coming in 2019 again, this time in animatievorm.

In 2019 on their third adventure busy: ‘Men in Black: International, John Wick, ‘Jumanji’ (as yet untitled) and ‘How to train your dragon’ (‘The Hidden World’). Spider-Man crawl, now an annual habit, also in 2019, about and along the walls in ‘Far from Home’, this time with Tom Holland as principal. 2019 is also the year Arnold Schwarzenegger his promise, “I’ll be back”, keep: in the as yet-untitled, sixth movie from the Terminator series stands next to Arnie (absent in part four) also Linda Hamilton (absent in parts 4 and 5) as Sarah Connor again, her male. And as if he himself lost count, comes out next year also Hellboy the cinemas to ravage under the confusing title ‘Hellboy’. The main role is this time not for Ron Perlman, but for David Harbour. The department make-up ensures that the difference does not notice. Also Chucky begins, after a series of sequels, again from zero with a ‘Child’s Play’ directed by the Norwegian Lars Klevberg.

In the list of remakes of good movies, there are new versions to expect from cult classics like ‘Jacob’s Ladder’, ‘Shaft’, Stephen king’s ‘Pet Sematary’ and Jack London’s ‘Call of the Wild’. With a ‘Charlie’s Angels’ director Elizabeth Banks is a new attempt to the tv cultreeks from the 70’s a worthy filmvervolg. Filmmaker Greta Gerwig, known for ‘Lady Bird’, take on an umpteenth version of ‘Little Women’, the 19th-century novel about the fortunes of four sisters of Louise-May Alcott, who all filmed in 1933 (by George Cukor), 1949 (Mervyn LeRoy) and 1994 (Gillian Armstrong).

Although the title may suggest, ‘The Informer’, ‘The Missing Link’ (a homosexual man) and ‘The Woman in the Window’ no remakes. The latter picture, with, among others, Gary Oldman and Julianne Moore, has a plot that is rather reminiscent of Hitchcock’s ‘Rear Window’.

Last, but absolutely not least, there are also movies without any franchise to which the really look. This is especially true for ‘Once upon a time in Hollywood’, the latest from Quentin Tarantino who, in the helter skelter of 1969 play (the murder of Sharon Tate). It is also eagerly looking forward to ‘Us’, the new film from Jorda Peele (‘Get Out’), ‘Ad Astra’ by James Gray, about a astronaut that the solar system travel in search of his missing father, ‘Gemini Man’ of Ang Lee and ‘The Good Liar’ by Bill Condon. Fans of the tv series Downton Abbey are spoiled for choice with a bioscoopverfilming and musicalliefhebbers get next year the opportunity to the legendary ‘Cats’, directed by Tom Hooper on the white screen to savour. Other music lovers hope that ‘Rocketman’ better in the paint than the biopics about Freddie Mercury and Abba: the ‘raketman’ in question is none other than Elton John.

Literatuurliefhebbers hope, no doubt, in a good film adaptation of Donna Tartt’s novel The goldfinch r t’ and lovers of the kostuumgenre can gloat with “Mary, Queen of Scots’ and from next week already with ‘The Favourite’.

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