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Strict father taught Max Verstappen deal with a strict F1-team

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Max Verstappen to let you know that the strict education of his father him well prepared to work together with a strict boss like Dr. Helmut Marko.

The largest part of his autosportcarrière was Max Verstappen accompanied by his father Jos, who the world knows it by heart. Verstappen senior was a strict mentor, who is his son learned everything from his own experience in racing.

Last week, it was Max, along with Helmut Marko is a guest on ‘Servus TV’ and was asked how was working with someone like Helmut Marko, who as a strict man.

“My whole life I have worked with my father, who is just as strict,” said Verstappen. “Ultimately, this is also a good thing proved, because he took me to the F1, of course, with the support of Helmut and Red Bull.”

Verstappen had a difficult start in 2018 and got involved in different incidents that are not his fault. After a while, even from his own team aloud, the question is whether or not the young Dutchman was able to learn from his own mistakes.

There is no doubt that Helmut Marko has played a key role in the resurrection of Verstappen after the GP of Monaco.

“We must remain critical and that was certainly necessary after the races in China and Monaco. We have spoken about. Such things happen once in a while but you must get through to become stronger to come back.”

After his crash in Monaco turned Verstappen strong back, he wrote the races of Austria and Mexico on his name, and didn’t an error catch. Especially the victory in Austria, specifically, in the country and on the track of Red Bull.

“That was unbelievable, especially because there are so many Dutch fans were present. It was great to be in a racing car of Red Bull Racing at the Red Bull Ring to win. It was really incredible.”

“I had the evening before, have not thought of, the race turned out a little bit like in 2016, but now it was all about the victory.”

Finally, it looks Verstappen is still ahead of 2019. That will undoubtedly be exciting for Red Bull to swap Renault-power sources for copies of Honda.

“It is difficult to find something to say about it because we don’t know what the others are doing. From our side, everything looks positive, and everyone is motivated, that is important and wonderful to see,” concluded Verstappen.

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