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Ryan Cortjens put in Loenhout chain of victories in juniors simply because, Dutch wins in girls

83b046fafcf8c36a2cf6e8d902ae72f7 - Ryan Cortjens put in Loenhout chain of victories in juniors simply because, Dutch wins in girls

Ryan Cortjens, the Azencross in juniors to his name. In a sprint, he defeated world champion Ben Tulett and the Brit Lewis Askey.

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58 juniors appeared Friday at the start line in Loenhout. It was the German’s Tom Linder that the holeshot took in the Azencross, closely followed by Ryan Cortjens, Lewis Askey and Luke Verburg. The first round brought no separation, veelwinnaar Cortjens was still just as quiet.

Only in round two he took a first time out, but pulling away did he still not. We were eventually six leaders: Verburg, Cortjens, Askey, world champion Ben Tulett, Cedric Vandesompel, and Tom Lindner. These six were halfway cross 18 seconds ahead of a chasing group.

The track in Loenhout was quick, it was difficult to make the difference. All asserted that Tulett not on the pedals. Luke Verburg had a hole in it and his companions. At the front we got a nice jousting with injections of Lindner and Cortjens, only Tulett and Askey picked up with two laps in front of the bow.

Cortjens, good for six wins in six games over the last few weeks, tried a couple of times the rest of to shake off in the lock, but failed in his intent. It came to a sprint with four. Lindner put of far. Without success, he would place four beaches, the victory went to Cortjens, for Tulett and Askey.

It is the seventh victory in a row for Ryan Cortjens. Earlier he showed himself the best in Heusden-Zolder, Names, Zonhoven, Kraainem, Essen, and Hasselt. A few weeks before he took the Superprestige in Gavere on his name.

Dutch wins in the junior girls

The first cyclocross for junior women came in the name of the Netherlands Sofie van Rooijen. They took it for the British Harriet Harnden and the Hungarian Kata Blanka Vas. Normal driving the junior girls, along with the promises.

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