Paparazzi had to be digitally rub from Jennifer Lopez’s Second Act-film

The singer/actress was last seen on the silver screen since The Boy Next door 2015.

Director Peter Segal had it difficult in the film of the new movie of Jennifer Lopez, the Second Act because his lead actress were constantly hounded by paparazzi.

The superstar is used to the fact that literally all of the steps are documented in the press, but that turned out to be for director Segal troublesome when he scenes in the public wanted to shoot with Lopez. Eventually he had to spend some more time in post-production, where he the presence of the paparazzi digital wegpoetste.

Second Act, which Lopez co-produces, is the first starring role on the big screen since The Boy Next door 2015. “I’m critical,” she explained. “I have spent the past few years a couple of films offered, but if it is not the correct thing is and I the right types of opportunities do not get, I would prefer to create themselves. That is my mantra and that of my partner Elaine (Goldsmith-Thomasm her production partner). We force things, but we have to wait not….. If no one us the stories that we want to tell, then we create them ourselves.”

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