Paparazzi had digital be glossed from Jennifer Lopez’s Second Act-film

ed7febf443770f91c6c9b577ddc63ac5 - Paparazzi had digital be glossed from Jennifer Lopez's Second Act-film

The singer/actress was last seen on the white to do since The Boy Next door 2015.

Director Peter Segal had a difficult time with the filming of a new movie Second Act in Jennifer Lopez’s native New York, because his main lady constantly was hounded by the paparazzi.

The superstar is accustomed to her every movement in the press to document it, but that proved to be difficult for Segal when they tried scenes in public to photograph, so eventually he had to spend some more time in post-production, where he the presence of the snappers digital out of the final cut took.

He also had a special request for caricaturists in the Central Park of the Big Apple and get settled.

“It was a crazy shoot in New York with her,” he told the 50 First Dates film maker to The Associated Press. “I remember a scene that we were in Central Park, go down into the shopping centre, the promenade with her …. and there are all the vendors that caricatures sell, and their sketches are as, Michael Jackson and Barack Obama and Jennifer Lopez! It’s like, ‘Hey, can we turn around? She is everywhere.

Second Act, which Lopez co-production, marks the singer / actress ‘first leading role on the big screen since 2015’s The Boy Next door, and she insists that was just because they are not the kind of projects that made her excited was find.

“I am very special,” she explained. “I have spent the past few years a couple of films offered, but if it is not the correct thing is and I know the right kinds of possibilities get, I would prefer to create. That is from me and (producing partner), Elaine (Goldsmith-Thomas)’s mantra. We force things, but we have to wait not….. If no one us the stories that we want to tell, then we create them ourselves.”

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