Palestinian killed in new violence on the Israeli border

f5e498f94cdfa2c405c28b98e7a1daf9 - Palestinian killed in new violence on the Israeli border

In new battles with Israeli soldiers in the Gaza strip is a Palestinian man to life and six others injured. Reports that the ministry of Health of Gaza.

According to a spokesperson of the Israeli army had more than 5,000 Palestinians gathered for protests at the border between the Gaza strip and Israel. The soldiers were pelted with stones and explosives, and responded by taking measures to get the crowd to drift apart. In some cases they opened fire, sound the still.

In confrontations with Israeli soldiers at the border came a week ago, another four Palestinians were killed. Palestinian militantenorganisaties have already threatened a violent response if there is a Friday re dead, would fall.


According to the Israeli police sent Palestinians Friday again burning balloons in the direction of Israel before the protests started. Such flying objects have in the past few months, several fires caused in the border region.

The demonstrators demand that Palestinian refugees be allowed to return to what is today Israel. Also they may ask for an end to the blockade of the Palestinian territory that is already more than ten years now, and by Egypt is supported. Both countries justify the blockade by security reasons.

Since the end of march are according to the ministry of Health in Gaza, al 245 Palestinians have been killed and thousands of others injured in protests in the Gaza strip.

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