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Olympic champion, keirin stops immediately due to lack of “pleasure and motivation”, unsecured less for Nicky Degrendele

Baanwielrenster Nicky Degrendele, world champion in the keirin, will be at the Olympic Games in Tokyo not have to take into account titelverdedigster Elis Ligtlee. The 24-year-old Dutch made Friday, after all, known immediately to stop the track. The gold medal from Rio 2016 miss the fun and the motivation, she says in a statement on its website.

“I missed the last time, the pleasure in what I was doing and was always in search of the necessary motivation in order to go for it. After long deliberation I took the plunge and I am honest to myself and have the decision taken to stop the track.”

Ligtlee was from her entrance on the runway in 2011 and successful grossierde in titles. Her specialty was the sprint, 500 meter time trial and the keirin. Its absolute peak experienced them at the Olympic Games in 2016 in Rio, where they surprised with the gold medal in the keirin. After Rio, she took a long layoff because of knee problems. At the world CHAMPIONSHIPS earlier this year in Apeldoorn, where Degrendele gold picked up in the keirin, she won bronze in the 500 metres time trial. They rode in november, at the world cup in Berlin, and that now appears to be her last performance at the highest level.

“How difficult this choice is, I look back on a beautiful career and would like to thank everyone; family, friends, sponsors, trainers and coaches of the KNWU me during my career have supported. It is now time for a new chapter in my life. We will see what me this is going to bring.”

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