Netflix thanked for bad welcome comedy ‘Holmes & Watson’

b3b03a8d0483b4b63b7fd540cb4afd23 - Netflix thanked for bad welcome comedy 'Holmes & Watson'

Netflix would, according to entertainmentsite Deadline have refused to comedyfilm ‘Holmes & Watson’ in Sony to buy after bad test scores. The duo Will Ferrell and John C. Reilly is central in the comedic spin-off from the Sherlock Holmes universe, which, however destructive figures on all kinds of ratingsites.

‘Holmes & Watson’ adorned on the reputed filmsite Rotten Tomatoes long with a score of 0%, although the last days had risen to 4% due to one positive review. When it became clear that the public at large, the film could not taste, tried Sony the vehicle to Netflix to verpatsen – without success.

‘Holmes & Watson’ appeared on christmas day in the cinemas and brought in us $ 6.4 million at the North American box-office. The picture was, however, terrible figures of the bioscoopgangers and will most likely be a quiet death to die, given the strong competition.

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