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Lucinda Brand vloert in Loenhout Sanne Cant in a sprint

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Lucinda Brand has Friday the fifth round of the DVV Verzekeringen Trophy to her name. The Dutch vloerde in the sprint Sanne Cant and her compatriot Denise Betsema. Laura Verdonschot became fourth, Loes Sels occupied the fifth place.

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Denise Betsema popped up as first in the field and would that position in the first round no more to give. She explained a high pace, Loes Sels, Sanne Cant and Lucinda Brand managed to keep following her. After that first round, led so by a quartet of the dance, a group with Ceylin Alvarado, Ellen Van Loy, Katie Compton, Laura Verdonschot and Maud Kaptheijns followed five seconds.

The fast course made sure that there are few differences could be made. Betsema paused, Alvarado could see the connection. Just when Betsema again to speed it up was, she made a slipper allowing the pace just as was on the front and the other ladies knew to pick up.

After three rounds, we saw nine leaders, a large lead group so, as with the promises made earlier in the day. It was Fire in the fourth and penultimate round took the cup and up the tempo injoeg. The leading group was broken up, Cant and Betsema had to be firmly out of their pipe come to follow her. Sels left a hole, just like Verdonschot though it would not immediately won over.

At the start of the last round had to Fire a small bonus of two seconds to Cant and five on Betsema. Our compatriot closed the hole in the field and we had an exciting slot. Verdonschot closed just for the last straight line, but would be there at the sprint to come in handy.

Fire started in that sprint on the head and although Cant from second position excellent posted sat,, she is not to krachtpater Fire to be accelerated. The victory for the Dutch of Sunweb so, Cant was second, Betsema third.

Fourth seizoenszege

After the world Cup in Namur, the Druivencross in Overijse and the world Cup in Tabor if Lucinda Brand now also in Loenhout cheer, for the first time in her career.

“This had I not immediately to be expected”, she left Friday after her victory record. “Of course, this is a fast trail, but that it is here to a sprint would come where I to the longest end pulled, I had not thought of. This is exactly why I tried to race hard to make, the others from the wheel to drive, but that did not work. In the sprint itself, I was really on my gums. It was still long to the finish line and it was a matter not to be asked to convert. I’m really happy with this victory, here, I got my first international cyclocross, and now I am good on that roll of honour.”

Sanne Cant had to settle with a second place. “I was perfectly placed for the sprint, but Lucinda really had much effect on the end. I touched her over. I had this like for the fourth time won, but that is, unfortunately, not successful.”

Cant strengthens its leading position in the standings and now has 1:32 ahead of Loes Sels and 3:49 on Nikki Brammeier.

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