Kate Beckinsale wants to university to finish

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Kate Beckinsale stopped by the university because she went to acting.

Kate Beckinsale is considering her Hollywoodcarrière temporarily to suspend her university studies.

The Underworldster studied French and Russian literature at Oxford University in England, but went back for her last year after the start of her acting career.

Now, on her 45th, she feels ready to go back to school, she says in the magazine Tatler. And this time, she will probably be more popular she thinks.

,,I didn’t like drinking vodka out of a boot”, she laughed. ,,In fact I don’t drink, which meant that there was no real chance was to get in my pants (sex with me), so what was the use of me? I was deeply unpopular.”

Beckinsale hopes to take a big step back to London from Los Angeles, where they have been living.

Her ex-partner, Welsh actor Michael Sheen, the father of her 19-year-old daughter Lily, left Los Angeles last year (17) to return home to the Uk to be more politically involved after the decision of Great Britain to the European Union (EU) to leave.

He was able to do this because Lily itself, Los Angeles had to leave to be in New York at the university. Also, Kate was in the U.S. remained because they had married American film director Len Wiseman, but they divorced in 2016.

Kate and Michael remain on friendly terms and shared recently a picture of himself relax together on a sofa during the christmas season.

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