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How to trade Cryptocurrency on Christmas and new year’s eve?

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The prices of the crypto-currencies started to rise again. In the last two days of the crypto-recovered-market massively. According to Coinlib the total market capitalization of the crypto-market in 126,62 billion US-Dollar, the dominance of a few large crypto-currencies has increased in the last few days.

Many experts have announced a crypto-rally for the end of the year. Due to the recent price movements, many suggest that this Rally has now started. The most important question is, what is the price dimensions of this rally will move. Christmas is coming and as the market shows some recovery, this could be the right time for people who want to invest in crypto-currencies. If you think about it, how to trade during Christmas and new year’s eve, then this post is for you.

Keep an eye on the market

When you act at Christmas and new year’s eve, then look for new investment opportunities in the markets. You should keep as a Trader, the latest developments in the eye. Sometimes it can be occasions exactly hoped this inability to bring a at the end of the big profits. Therefore, it is very important not to lose the market from the eyes.

The purchase and possession of

As the crypto market has shown some positive developments, this can be the ideal time for investors to buy crypto-currencies and to hold for a while. Because even though the market was in difficulty, many big companies such as Mastercard, Western Union and Bitwala new company, which will be for the crypto-market. In addition, there are currently 9 crypto-currencies that have more than $ 1 billion in market capitalization.
The purchase and Holding of crypto-currencies, however, requires an in-depth Knowledge of the associated technology. Good investors do not act blindly. Rather, they observe Trends, which can be either long – or short-term. Professionals attempt to determine Trends through technical analysis and benefit from them.

With brokers trading

If you’re more of an average Trader, and in times like these, want to trade, then trade with a Broker is also a useful step. This is because that trading with crypto-currency with a Broker is similar to the currency trading. Crypto currencies are traded against the US Dollar or the Euro, and traders can use CFDs to take advantage of the short-term price fluctuations for their profits. Since the crypto market is full of fluctuations and other Surprise, it is not Unusual that there is a Crash, in which nine of the ten Coins are going to crash, recover and then shortly thereafter again. To invest in a Coin that is not affected, you must inform yourself extensively and a basic understanding of the market.

Legal note: CFDs are complex instruments and high risk, due to Leverage money to lose. 65% of the accounts of private investors lose money when you trade CFDs from this provider. You should consider whether you understand how CFDs work, and if you can to take afford the high risk to lose your money.

How are profits?

The very first step to start trading a Deposit into a Trading account, if you want to trade with a Broker. This paid-you can use the capital for on course betting. There is the possibility to trade only with the paid-up capital, or to use leverage to maximize profits, which means also an increase in the risk. Because if you are trading, for example, with a leverage of x10, then the price movements have 10 times as strong as without the lever. If the Bitcoin rises, for example, 80$, it then means that with a leverage of x10, an increase of 800$. Means so even if the Bitcoin falls to$ 80, then the for you has an impact on how a case is$ 800. For the use of Levers, usually charges, you must deduct logically from the Win. At the beginning one should you start first with a small Pry, such as x2, in order to avoid a total failure.

Effective use of the Fibonacci Retracement Level Tools

Since the cryptocurrency market has grown in the last two days, traders can gain through the effective use of the Fibonacci Retracement levels Tools in the chart analysis benefits. For those who understand exactly how their forces can be used to detect a high level of safety and support, have benefited by the use of this instrument so far. This Tool is a method for the determination of potential resistances must be developed and support levels of all kinds of financial products, including crypto-currencies.

After the Trader, for example, have set a High and Low price range, you expect that the market will be 40% to 60% in this area to decline to the subsequent inherent in the purchase of or to deal with sales event. Both of these are Fibonacci levels. In contrast, a Trader will try, after he has set, for example, a soil, to determine the subsequent rally, by calculating the price movement. To be able to Christmas traders use the Fibonacci Levels in order to assess the trend length, and the trend corrections, in order to make more profit.

Disclaimer: Because of the buying and trading crypto-currencies with a significant risk of loss goes hand in hand, we speak of crypto Ticker not a recommendation to buy from. Please inform yourself thoroughly, comprehensively and, above all, independently from various sources that you trust before the acquisition of a crypto-currency.

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