Famous tv-court bailiff Jo Of Backlé died

20d9694803e317ef732ca6d2bfd0a561 - Famous tv-court bailiff Jo Of Backlé died

The bailiff Jo Of Backlé, who became famous as a supervisor on numerous tv-programs on the public broadcaster, has died. Of Backlé died Monday at age 91, in the family circle, as appears from a notice.

Georges ” Jo “Of Backlé was, for decades, about the hard court bailiff at the games that are on the” BRT were broadcast. His name became quickly known in Flanders.

So he dived in the sixties already in the program “One against all” that was presented by Tony Corsari. He was also in 1987, during the legendary broadcast of the Grab the Money Show with the brothers Manu and René Verreth. In addition, he looked also on the correct course of Lotto draws.

In the nineties, was Of Backlé also responsible for the composition of the Radio 2 Top 30.

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