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Electrum Wallet suffers Phishing attack, 250+ BTC stolen | Coin Hero

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Electrum Wallet suffers Phishing attack, 250+ Bitcoin stolen

Home News Electrum Wallet suffers Phishing attack, 250+ Bitcoin stolen

Marcus Misiak –

One thing that is in the crypto currency space is of the utmost importance, is the security, and many experts are of the opinion that it is one of the main obstacles currencies for a wider acceptance of Crypto. As now it became known, an anonymous Hacker allegedly more than 250 Bitcoin (BTC) in the value of nearly a Million dollars from Electrum Online wallet stolen.

The report from ZDNet, according to the Electrum Wallet was the victim of a Phishing attack. The attack, which has since been confirmed by the Electrum Team, was allegedly a wrong message, which appeared in the official Electrum-based applications, the users and the consumers to visit a Fake website. Electrum tweeted also attack via Phishing. The Tweet said:

There is a current Phishing attack on Electrum users. Our official Website is Do not download Electrum from another source.
The attack is based on the basic assumption that to create a fake Version of the Wallets, the user is enticed, the password and the personal data. During shipment of transactions, the user will see a page with the prompt “Security Update”. This leads to a Phishing page, you will be prompted to download a malicious program.

The Phishing attack began on the 21. December, but was completed recently (perhaps only temporarily) from the GitHub administrators who made the malicious Download files.

How did the attack?

As ZDNet explains, has added the Hacker allegedly dozens of “malicious servers” to the Electrum network, so that if a user intended a transaction to carry out, the Hacker-based Server with an error message reply, prompting the user to visit the wrong GitHub Repository. When you Download the App asks the user for a 2FA Code will be sent to the attacker, so that BTC could then be intercepted.

A victim described the attack in a Forum such as the following:

Than I logged me in, it asked me immediately after my 2-factor Code, I thought was a little strange, since Electrum usually asks only to send when trying. I tried to send and got an error code of “max fee exceeded no more than 50 satellite/B”, then I restored my Wallet on a separate PC and found that my credit had been transferred.

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