“Dwayne Johnson gets twice paid more than co-star Emily Blunt for ‘Jungle Cruise'”

1486ae8607ca55fbfe3176b148ca2a57 - "Dwayne Johnson gets twice paid more than co-star Emily Blunt for 'Jungle Cruise'"

There is a huge gap between Dwayne ‘The Rock’ Johnson and his co-star Emily Blunt for the filming of the upcoming Disney movie ‘Jungle Cruise’. That reports TMZ. Johnson would more than double the salary of Blunt reused.

The 46-year-old Johnson plays the lead role in ‘Jungle Cruise’, on the side of Blunt. The adventure film from Disney is planned for July 2020. According to TMZ claim some of the sources that Johnson, as a 22 million dollar opstrijkt for his acting skills, while the 36-year-old Blunt with “only” 9 million dollars must do. The pay gap amounts to about 13 million dollars.

Johnson may be the one of the best paid hollywood actor are – after Daniel Craig -, the gap is notable given the recent box-office successes of Blunt. The British actress is currently starring in the Disney production “Mary Poppins Returns’, that all over the world for about $ 83 million in the coffers brought. For her starring role as Mary Poppins, she received a Golden Globe nomination and also tipped as a possible Oscarwinnares.

The past few years, the pay gap between actors and actresses often a hot topic in Hollywood. So there was the beginning of this year is still controversy about the compensation of steracteur Mark Wahlberg for the new filming of the movie ‘All The Money In The World. Director Ridley Scott had the film hastily rework when Kevin Spacey, who has taken a leading role in the film, was accused of sexual abuse, and then from the finished film, cut was. Wahlberg received $ 1.5 million for the ten-day new pictures. Are tegenspeelster Michelle Williams, by contrast, received only $ 80 per day. When the public outrage became too big, decided Wahlberg are payable in full to make a donation to Time’s Up, the fund that women who were victims of sexual harassment legal aid provides.

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