Dutch prisoner escaped in a blue garbage bag

d9e291a44140deab25ed8b252229f2a9 - Dutch prisoner escaped in a blue garbage bag

An inmate is Friday morning from prison De Schie in Rotterdam escaped, in all probability by themselves in a large blue garbage bag to clog.

This is evident from a first examination of the video footage. That is to see that an inmate that Friday just come out of the prison was fired, a large blue garbage bag with him, as reported by the Service Judicial Establishments (DJI).

This helper, the man is likely to out worn. Presumably the escaped inmate is on the verblijfsafdeling in the bag clogged up, according to the DJI. It is a 26-year-old man who was stranded for theft and a penalty had to sit out until december next year.

When the man missed was, according to the standard procedure first, the entire prison was searched and all activities suspended. After that, the police will be alerted.

The police is now not only looking for the escaped prisoner, but also to his potential helper. This man had his sentence there just older now, but he is now actually on the run, said a politiewoordvoerder. Escape in itself is not illegal, as thereby no violence or damage, but help in an escape is punishable.

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