Documentary about the mental health of Donald Trump on arrival

‘#UNFIT: Malignant Narcissism Comes to Washington, DC, so hot the unmistakable documentary about the mental state of the American president Donald Trump, who in 2019 will appear. That report entertainmentmagazine Variety.

Director/producer Dan Partland, and Art Horan (executive producer of ‘The Usual Suspects’) have the production of the documentary began. To the deadline of 2019 to get the duo a crowdfundingcampagne launched on Kickstarter, that 18,642 dollar resulted from 431 donors.

‘Unfit’ focuses on the expertise of doctors and experts in the field of mental health to the mental state of Trump to analyze. The doctors believe that it is their “ethical responsibility” is to sound the alarm about Trumps behavior.

“Trumps mental instability and severe psychopathology pose a threat to both our country and our planet. We have no other choice than our silence to break,” said a cooperating doctor.

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