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Christmas campaign of Pro League delivers record amount, the highest bid on the sweater of (injured) Club Brugge player

The tenth edition of the christmas campaign of the Pro League has a record of 106.400 euro applied for the benefit of the Belgian Homeless Cup (BHC). That made the Pro League Friday known. The autographed jersey of Jelle Vossen (Club Brugge) went 1.289 euros over the counter.

Two years ago, took the Pro League 92.300 euros for the damien foundation. That was a record, but now the tables are taken. For the first time, rounds off the annual christmas campaign, the threshold of 100.000 euro.

The shirt of Foxes went to 1.289 euros of the hand, in so doing, the injured striker of Club Brugge are just a bit better than his team-mate Hans Vanaken (1.280 euro). Golden Bull Ally Samatta, whose shirt from KRC Genk for 1.020 euros was auctioned, it was, completes the top three.

The most popular special was a VIP package for a Champions League match, that for 1,700 euro to the door went out. Also the kick-off of Standard-Anderlecht (1.600 euro), and the Champions League final with analysts Gilles De Bilde and Johan Boskamp (1.500 euro) in the studio Brussel were very popular.

The Belgian Homeless Cup (BHC) is a social-sportive football competition for people who are struggling with roof, or homelessness. 39 local teams, of which 12 are in the Brussels and 27 are scattered across the rest of the country, using football as a tool to more than 500 homeless people to integrate into society. BHC launched its campaign, ” My Team, My home’ on October 15, with a football tournament on the Beursplein.

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