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Brecht Van Kerckhove “motivated” for a new challenge with Red Dragons, Dominique Baeyens wearing experience

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With Brecht Van Kerckhove, the Belgian volleyball federation, one of its young talents as the new national coach was appointed. Van Kerckhove slide as an assistant of the opgestapte Italian Andrea Anastasi to the leadership of the Belgian mannenvolleybal. The 42-year-old Limburger looks confidently forward to the new challenge.

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“I also thought already to apply for the job when Vital Heynen resigned, but then it was not the right time. When the phone rang to bring me the post to offer after the sudden departure of Andrea, I was on one hand pleasantly surprised, but I feel ready to face the challenge to go”, sounds the Friday during his official presentation confident at Van Kerckhove.

Earlier this year, led the new coach of the promises (U20) to the bronze medal at the European championships in The Hague. Under Kerkchove steaming the Red Dragons are ready for three great goals by 2019: The Golden League, the first kwalifactietoernooi for the Olympic Games in Tokyo and, in september, the European championship in their own country.

In addition to a new coach was also a new ‘program driver’ to the structure of the Red Dragons continue to build appointed. Ex-coach of the Red Dragons Dominique Baeyens, ex-coach of Roeselare and 8 time Belgian Coach of the Year, will this role take. “The help of Dominique will definitely come in handy. We consult always many within the technical staff”, acknowledges Van Kerckhove, who was the first to command the Red Dragons by a group with Turkey, Latvia and Slovakia have pilots in the Golden League which will take place from 25 may to 16 June.

That there is enough quality in the player base, there doubt about the new coach not to. “For the qualifying tournament for the Olympic Games we have against the USA, the Netherlands and South Korea. It is difficult, but we can as a team is still lot of progress to make. Also at the european CHAMPIONSHIPS in september, we want to score. Last european CHAMPIONSHIPS in 2017, we were already nicely in fourth place, but everyone felt that there was more in there,” said an ambitious Van Kerckhove.

The European Championship in Volleyball in 2019 by 4 countries organised in: Belgium, the Netherlands, Slovenia and France. The Red Dragons will play their first matches and with a possible quarter final in Brussels and Antwerp, for them a possible semi-final in Paris able to finish. On January 16, know the Red Dragons their opponents.

Dominique Baeyens wearing experience over as the new ‘program driver’

The Belgian volleyball federation has in addition to Brecht Van Kerckhove as the new coach, also ex-coach Dominique Baeyens included in the new structure around the Red Dragons. Baeyens will play the role of ‘program driver’ on to the team to support and his experience.

“We think that Brecht Van Kerckhove enough experience on the international level in the short term and is ready for 2019 and the Olympic Games in 2020, but we must also look to the future. That’s why we count on the experience and contribution of Dominique Baeyens”, explains Jean-Paul De Buysscher, president of the Belgian volleyball federation, the new structure.

The 62-year-old Baeyens stood between 2012 and 2016, with himself at the helm of the Red Dragons and is now training the Belgian promises to the women. In addition, the ex-coach of Knack Roeselare also responsible for the gym of the Flemish volleybalzuil. According to The Buysscher is Baeyens ‘the perfect person for the job’.

During the official presentation of the new coach Friday, said the eight times Trainer of the Year in Belgium, what his role as a ‘program driver’ now exactly will entail. “Brecht Van Kerckhove is the boss and makes all the decisions, for the sake of clarity. My role plays out in the long term, where I together with the coach have a vision to want to develop. I will give him support, give advice and also evaluate. For all its weak points, we will together find a solution”, says Baeyens.

The Belgian volleyball federation for a young wolf like Van Kerckhove, agree Baeyens satisfied. “It is a strong signal. We have a lot of good Belgian coaches, and it’s nice to see that they also have their opportunities. The players still have a lot of potential. This is an interesting project, where I have 100 % faith. There is a team around the team. I’m proud to be a part of that may be integrated”, says an ambitious Baeyens.

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