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Ben Turner sprint in Loenhout to victory with promises

75cb130ac2ea9b5ca292d82932037870 - Ben Turner sprint in Loenhout to victory with promises

Ben Turner has Friday the Azencross in Loenhout in the promises to his name. The Brit pulled up after a sprint for our compatriot Timo Kielich and the Swiss rider Loris Rouiller.

The fifth round of the DVV Verzekeringen Trophy look just like the juniors a lot of participants. With 77, they stood at the start line in Loenhout and it was Ben Turner who is the holeshot took on the fast course. After lap one, we saw still a great group and there would in the following rounds little to change in the future.

Loris Rouiller and team mate Turner shared alternately although injections, always returned a large peloton. Halfway cross reason still 15 guys on the head and although Timo Kielich, the Italian Jakob Dorigoni, Jarno Bellens and Ben Turner a few more times would speed up, we dived with 13 promises the last hectometers.

A sprint would be, just like the juniors, to decide the victory. Turner had a clear view, and placed himself at the bars on the lead, a position that he no longer gave a long sprint, he picked up the victory. He took for Kielich and Rouiller. Previously won the Brit even though the heat in the Jaarmarktcross in Niel.

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