A lot of famous people went from us back in april 2018

April 2018 was again a special hollow month. We had you on april 3, the death of the Flemish singer Johan Stollz, he was 82 and was known as more of the program, The Show Must Go On and the hit Concerto for You Natasha.

Two days earlier, on 1 april, and that was no joke, died, Steven, the show’s look at the age of 74. He was an American producer. Actor Tim O’connor is also in America, died on 5 april (90). On april 6 died, the French singer Jacques Higelin, he was 77.

On 8 april shook the sports world to its very foundations. The Flemish cyclist Michael Goolaerts took part for the first time at the cycling race Paris-Roubaix. Early on in the race he got suddenly of a heart attack. He died later that day in the hospital and was barely 24.

On april 15, we said goodbye to the American actor R. Lee Ermey (74). And on april 17, died of American first lady Barbara Bush, she was 92.

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