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Will leave Red Bull at the end of 2020 the F1?

49d5849e341422a44a575cfb4dc8ac7f - Will leave Red Bull at the end of 2020 the F1?

If the new rules of F1 not to the liking of Red Bull threatens a possible departure from Formula 1. They can still continue as a partner of Aston Martin with their Valkyrie prototype that is based on the Le Mans of the future.

For the next two seasons is Red Bull sure of the fabrieksteun of Honda but from 2021 onwards the rules in the F1 back on the shovel and what will then happen is still unclear.
Dr. Helmut Marko of Red Bull argues that the future of the Austrian formation in F1 is unclear. The only certainty is that Red Bull in 2021, no customer team wants more.
“We have an agreement until 2020,” says Marko, as opposed to ‘Sport.’ “If by then no agreement is on engines or no new Concorde agreement will be neither Red Bull nor Honda make a decision.”
“We will certainly not become more dependent on someone else, such as in the past, when others have pleaded with to promises and statements that were never fulfilled.”
“Quitting is an option, or do something different in a different racing series.”
To another racing series switch is an option because, in addition to the Formula 1, the WEC at the end of 2020, with new rules come in. Aston Martin has even been show how it is the future of Le Mans looks.
“With the Valkyrie would be Le Mans or even an option with the new rules. The cars were immediately sold out, which is good for Red Bull technologies.”
Marko has already made a life for eyes to Red Bull after the Formula 1, or activities that are parallel with the F1 play.
“If there is a budgetplafond would exist in the F1 than we would people have to lay off. We are not really interested in, we would use them for other projects, such as Le Mans.”
“It seems that we are the Valkyrie, at an acceptable cost would drive in the WEC. Although Red Bull have never been the twenty-four hours of picketing is something that we are considering.”
“The largest part of the financial would for Aston Martin for Le Mans is always the manufacturer that wins. But it would be something that is in us will fit,” concludes Marko.

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