Trump is visiting for the first time, American troops in Iraq

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The American president Donald Trump on Wednesday, U.s. troops in Iraq visited. The first visit of Trump to a conflict zone comes just after he announced to the troops to withdraw from Syria and Afghanistan.

Trump landed Wednesday on Air Force One on the Al Asad air base, west of Baghdad, along with first lady Melania Trump, an army of security guards and a group of journalists. They remained three hours at the military base. Then continued the journey to the military airbase in Ramstein, Germany.

The U.s. president received the last time her and of the criticism to hear that he had two years after his inauguration still no armed forces in a conflict zone was going to visit, a tradition that under Bush and Obama is arise. Especially after Trump last month a memorial service in honor of the First world War, France had to let go due to heavy rain, swelled the criticism.

The American troops in Iraq to train the Iraqi army, which is currently mostly involved in the fight against Islamic State (IS). According to the U.s. army, there are about 5.200 talent in the country.

Green camouflagevest

The unannounced visit of Trump on Iraq, however, seems mainly intended to get the attention of the consternation surrounding his decision to have all American troops to withdraw from Syria, and half of all of 14,000 soldiers out of Afghanistan. After criticism from James Mattis, minister of Defence, on that decision, continued Trump, who early at the door. But also the American allies in the fight against terror, looking flustered.

During his visit to Iraq defended Trump, however, his controversial decision. The American president remains, namely, that it IS defeated. “We want peace. The best way to achieve that is by force to shine, ” said Trump, dressed in a green camouflagevest. ‘Some of the soldiers can now return home, to their families. Our presence in Syria was never intended to be permanent.”

Policeman of the world

A departure from Iraq is, however, not yet addressed, replied to Trump’s questions for the remainder of journalists. “All the countries in this region also the expenses have to start wearing. They will, in itself, the work must begin to do, and there for have to pay. The United States cannot be the policeman of the world’, he told journalists.

“It is time these young people here to pick up’, decided to Trump. “I’ve been to a lot of letters to send to parents stating that their son or daughter is killed. I don’t like such letters to be send, and I’ll do it for far too long.”

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