Sven De Leijer detected error in at Home

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That Sven De Leijer for many years already, fan of the soap at Home, that is no secret. Just as last year, he looked this year very attention to the soap opera of the public broadcaster. The presenter succeeded this week in effortlessly to Leah Thys with the mouth full of teeth. Last season, there was much to do about the feud between Marianne and Mayra. But Leijer know that it got a happy ending was, that decision Sven after carefully watching the roughly 200 episodes over the last year. “The past year We had to say goodbye to several characters, including Mayra, the ex-daughter-in-law of Marianne,” says Sven of the shore in Peace On Earth. “And yet, the moo ended because just before they are out of Home, left, Mayra and Marianne’s settled”, Sven continued. “On 13 June Waldek a message from Mayra with the text ” Everything OK? I worry…’”, says Sven. “On 4 september will be Tom, the son of Marianne, a message from Marianne ‘Leo will have the surgery’. “ After viewing the images know Sven with adjacent security that Mayra and Marianne during the summer holidays have settled. Leah Thys hear it in Cologne thunders but Sven gives clear quite soon: Mayra has her mobile phone and her SIM card to Marianne given for both text messages through the number 0476/86 86 97 sent.

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