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Money of The Warmest Week must still be paid: ‘Each year we need people enjoin’

8d232b71ea5218c0f05031e48e697217 - Money of The Warmest Week must still be paid: ‘Each year we need people enjoin’

With 17.286.122 euro was a record amount collected for The Warmest Week, but now that money is in the charities end up.

A solid cash flow, it is, that seventeen million euro, with 12.495 actions is collected during The Hottest Week. The VRT shows that flow in the right direction lead by the King Baudouin foundation. Which also adopts the charities of The Warmest Week: must be of the non-profit going, they should be in Flanders or in Brussels, and they should be committed to the quality of life of others. The foundation receives the proceeds of the action and deposit the money to the charities.

Two rounds

According to Erika Racquet of the King Baudouin foundation to get the good targets about a month of their first pennies: ‘at the End of January, there is an initial round of payouts. The second round follows in the second half of February.’

But the King Baudouin foundation can, of course, money to a good cause redistribution if the money for that charity on the account state: “We encourage everybody to use the money as soon as possible to deposit. A lot of organizers of actions have already been done, and experience shows that it is always in order, but each year we need people to kindly instruct to get the money by depositing. Most of it is delay due to confusion. Many of those actions are put in place by loose collaborations, without much structure. It happens sometimes that one person thinks that the other money went to redistribution, while the other the reverse think.’

The first week after the christmas holidays, runs, and anyway, a lot of money within the King Baudouin foundation. People return from vacation and bring their administration in order. Also the schools are open again and that are responsible for many actions. ‘Will collapse just as quickly as possible, “says Racquet,” then end up so quickly for the good causes.’

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