‘Miracle’: child buried by avalanche rescued

c176fa4b10e51f4d2af515a4b2732440 - ‘Miracle’: child buried by avalanche rescued

A child buried by an avalanche in the French ski resort of La Plagne, is after an hour alive and well found. According to the gendarmerie, it was a ‘miracle’ that the boy without lawinepieper survived.

A dog had the child discovered under the snow, writes the police in a message on Facebook. They added that anyone found under the snow without lawinepieper nothing less than a ‘miracle’.

According to the newspaper Le Dauphine is the victim a 12-year-old boy by a sneeuwgolf of 400 metres result was dragged before he was under the snow came out of it. The boy was at his liberation of consciousness because he could continue to breathe thanks to an air pocket in the snow. He was, along with six other people on the road, but no one had special equipment.

The French minister of the Interior, Christophe Castaner thanked the dog Getro and the owner of the animal. ‘Bravo to the heroes of the day, ” he wrote Thursday on Twitter.

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