Long-awaited “Hollywood on the river Scheldt” will premiere in Roma

03e2a933a32ee562a122f57139e745e4 - Long-awaited "Hollywood on the river Scheldt" will premiere in Roma

In zaal De Roma in Borgerhout get “Hollywood on the Scheldt” tonight, Antwerp premiere. Previously, the documentary film by Robbe De Hert, all screened at the film Festival Ostend, where The Deer was awarded was with a movie star. The presentation of today is completely sold out and will be attended by cast and crew.

“Hollywood on the Scheldt” can be regarded as the magnum opus of The Deer, which, among others, by a lack of funding for two decades worked. The two-hour long documentary recounts the history of the Flemish film, in the form of a ream of archival footage and interviews. Almost all the influential figures and movements are covered, but there is also a place for funny anecdotes. The long lead time also allows for the docu calls contains with now deceased icons such as Hugo Claus, Nand Buyl, and Edith Kiel.

The film got only finished this year, after a cry for help of the with health and financial problems kampende The Deer and a crowdfundingsactie that supporters then set up. The flemish minister of Culture Sven Gatz (Open Vld) added another 50,000 euros, so The Deer not only are hundreds of hours of existing material could handle, but also additional interviews could decline from recent prominent figures such as Adil El Arbi and Erik Van Looy.

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