Joyce Van Nimmen out to Tv Family

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Yesterday you could already read that Joyce Van Nimmen in Tv Family. The article was about the fact that the ex-babe wrote severely depressed and that they lost everything “because of 3 wrong men in my life”. It was reported by the weekly magazine picked up after Van Nimmen, in itself, the story had jotted down on Facebook. And yet it took Joyce Van Nimmen from to Tv Family. Not yesterday, but already almost a week ago. The editors of the magazine had content with Van Nimmen included but Van Nimmen was not really interested in an article in the weekly magazine. “This week has someone from tv family me contacted via messenger for a interview regarding my post of this week… I kindly thank you since I in the past already a lot of misery had I by THIS roddelblad (and not only)… by idd… gossip…this person has me here, not even back to answer…”, wrote Van Nimmen last week. End of story would you think? Not so. “Now I hear just a well-known Flemish person/friend that they themselves have an article to write… I’ve never had a interview given and so everything there might appear is one of the antics of TV family… the people who like to know how it really is allowed me to ask, because that is the only truth… also I want to right something from the world, to help and to answer many questions: no I’m not separating… thank you for you attention and hope you have a good to be able to laugh”.

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