German army is considering the nationals of other EU countries to recruit

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Due to a shortage of candidates considering the army of Germany, specialists from other countries of the European Union to attract, such as in Belgium is already done. This has the chief of staff of the Bundeswehr on Thursday said.

‘The Bundeswehr personnel (…), we should in all directions to look in times of scarcity of high-skilled labour force, ” said general Eberhard Zorn to the regional newspapers of the group Funke Mediengruppe. According to him, the recruitment of foreign European specialists, including doctors and engineers, ‘an option’ that the German armed forces is envisaged.

That would be a change in the law imply that states that a soldier of the Bundeswehr the German nationality must have.

The representative of the Bundestag that the rights of the conscripts, promotes, instead, Hans-Peter Bartels, is behind the idea. “Many soldiers are already of foreign origin, or have the double nationality,” he said to the newspapers of the group Funke. In addition, should the Bundeswehr be no exception, because the German police have a long European citizens’.

According to the media group, the German government and her European partners have been polled on the issue. The Czech republic, Sweden, Belgium and Denmark, would not against his, France would be reluctant to have shown. Bulgaria, Romania, Slovenia or Greece would be subject to have made out of fear that their potential soldiers be attracted by a higher remuneration in Germany.

Belgium opened the recruitment of soldiers from other EU countries in January 2004.

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