Federal government prepares for no deal-Brexit

bd8bffee86897de658bca89862f122dd - Federal government prepares for no deal-Brexit

The federal government is preparing the legislation for which the land above the water should hold in the event of a Brexit, without agreement. The departments submit that work somewhere in the middle of January for the council of ministers.

On the proposal of the minister of Foreign Affairs Didier Reynders (MR), work with the various departments on the preparations on a Brexit, without agreement with the European Union. The United Kingdom leaves the European Union on 29 march next year, and approval of the terugtrekkingsakkoord that the British and European negotiators agreed by the Uk parliament is far from certain.

In order to prepare themselves for such a’no deal-Brexit’ are the various departments involved with the writing of the necessary legislation. That work should be somewhere in mid-January should be submitted to the council of ministers, decided that Thursday. The FPS Chancellery of the prime minister will then coordinate, in a draft law to pour and present it to the parliament before the end of march.

The British house of Commons would normally on the 11 december vote on the Brexitakkoord, but the British prime minister Theresa May stated that because there is too much resistance. The vote is now January 14th planned. It seems unlikely that the deal also effectively approved hit: more than 100 members of parliament from May’s own Conservative party have the text already rejected, as are 10 members of parliament from the Northern Irish unionists of the DUP, that the government May gedoogsteun deliver. Of the Labour opposition should May, no gifts expected.

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