Congo put EU ambassador Bart Ouvry from

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The Belgian diplomat, Bart Ouvry, ambassador of the European Union in Congo, last night, 48 hours was given time to leave the country.

Kinshasa explains that as a countermeasure against the European Union, which recently imposed sanctions against fourteen of the Congolese has been extended. That is very bad cases in Kinshasa. On the sanctielijst is also Emmanuel Ramazani, the former minister of the Interior and presidential candidate, who has the support of president Joseph Kabila. That does not participate in the elections, that Sunday will take place.

Protest against delay

The elections will not continue in Beni, Butembo and in Yumbi, the three cities where the opposition is strong. There would be in march to be voted, while the result of the presidential election in January is proclaimed. Possible to judge the Congolese constitutional court that this is in conflict with the constitution. It is also still possible that the elections be cancelled, or that the result is declared invalid.

In Beni this was against the postponement protested. Angry demonstrators attacked a isoleercentrum for ebolapatiënten in Beni. The antioproerpolitie shot in the air to get the protesters to disperse.

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