Chris Brown is risking imprisonment for keeping monkey as pet

86d0b539eef3e8157b70fe31b791a7ed - Chris Brown is risking imprisonment for keeping monkey as pet

Chris Brown bought last year a capuchin monkey for his daughter, but will now probably complain. The monkey appeared on all his social media accounts, but according to TMZ, had Brown not grant a permit for the keeping of primates. The public prosecutor has the American R&B singer sued, his case comes on the 6th of February.

On the illegal to keep primates in most states in the U.S., a prison sentence of up to six months. Brown was the capuchin monkey cede after some of the followers of images of the animal were seen on the social media of Brown and the singer then had indicated to the authorities.

The British animal protection RSPCA states that kapucijnaapjes “are not suitable as a pet”. “In a home environment, they are unhappy and sometimes aggressive. They have the company of other kapucijnaapjes need and demand a lot of space. Those conditions cannot be met in a home environment.”

In many countries – also with us – may kapucijnaapjes not be kept as a pet. In the USA, despite an import ban, however, permitted, provided that the owner the right papers can submit. Brown, however, would not permit.

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