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Black Mirror has come up with interactive episode: viewer decide themselves how the story is progressing

Netflix last Thursday, a trailer dropped off of the much anticipated Black Mirror: Bandersnatch. The popular sciencefictionreeks comes with a special episode in which the viewer decide how the story proceeds. It is the first time that Black Mirror is an interactive episode launches.

Bandersnatch is about a group of game developers from the ‘80s that their game based on a book that never came out because the author was crazy. He beheaded his wife during a psychotic attack. And also the game developers notice that they are going crazy as the game. After a while they begin to hear voices that tell them that they are in control no longer in their own hands.

The viewers will be the episode’s plot, setting. The total playing time of all the possible storylines is five hours. On the 28th of december is the delivery worldwide premiere.

Earlier this year, it announced that Netflix is also that there is a fifth season of Black Mirror. When exactly is launched, it is still not clear.

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