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Bitcoins little brother Litecoin partner of the UFC 232 – Coin Hero is an advertising

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Bitcoins little brother Litecoin partner of the UFC 232 advertising

Home News Bitcoins little brother Litecoin is a promotional partner of the UFC 232

Marcel Knobloch –

Despite a bearish year 2018, the adaptation of digital Assets continues to increase worldwide. The Litecoin Foundation is an official Partner of the UFC 232. This step was important to show millions of people the benefits of Bitcoin, Litecoin and digital currencies.

Next Saturday evening will be held in California, the title fight in the UFC-the light heavyweight (Ultimate Fighting champion chip) between Jon Jones and Alexander Gustafsson. Here, Litecoin is considered to be the official Sponsor. The Litecoin Foundation has completed this year is already more advertising deals, some of which, however, continue in Secret to be held until next year publicly known to be. Both UFC as well as LTC combines a strong community movement to be made in this Advertising co-operation in the foreground (freely translated):

In the last 25 years, UFC of a tiny grassroots movement to a global phenomenon that is largely based on the very passionate community. We see a lot of Parallels to Litecoin this way, because our amazing community for our growth and deployment of critical importance was the Unwavering passion and enthusiasm that drive us forward.

The Logo of the digital Assets that will come with millions of viewers in touch, so this will have a positive influence on the Branding of Litecoin and other digital Assets. Litecoin is also the first crypto currency ever appearance as a Sponsor of a UFC event. The Foundation describes that this will be the Beginng of a “long and fruitful partnership”.

This message appears shortly after the rumours that Bitmain is dismissed 80% of its employees. Co-founder of Multicoin Capital, Kyle Samani, in a Tweet that this was a serious Situation for Bitcoin, Cash and Litecoin, since this measure could have far-reaching impacts on both the Assets as well as the crypto market as a Whole.

The founder of Litecoin, Charlie Lee, describes in an Interview a few days ago that there will be a cleansing of the market, in which only the strongest Coins and projects with the greatest application to use for the industry will survive (freely translated):

My feeling is that there will be a handful of crypto-currencies, which are actually used as money. There are obviously many scams and currencies, which are not at all useful, and these values will decrease. You will see some coins, die, and the Strong will survive.

In spite of the continuing difficult market situation, companies in the crypto sector to invest in advertising, and a further acceptance and adaptation.

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