Australian heat wave continues: 49 degrees expected

f296458644dabe180d223a409c2bf81d - Australian heat wave continues: 49 degrees expected

In Australia, at this point, puffing and sweating. In the west of the country the heat up to 49 degrees.

Thursday, predicted the Australian weather services that temperatures in Marble bar and Pannawonica in Western Australia can reach up to 49 degrees. That is only two degrees below the warmterecord of the country. In 1960 it was 50,7 degrees in the airport of Oodnadatta, South Australia.

The extreme heat is especially felt in Victoria, New South Wales, Western Australia and South Australia and central Queensland.

The weather also brings a drought with it. In the states of Western and South Australia and Tasmania, is an increased vigilance for forest fires. Children, the elderly and pregnant women should be extra careful in the heat. The government also warns for the bad air quality. People with asthma or sensitive lungs need to be extra careful.

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