A look back at the known deaths of February 2018

76182f2a130f88e29da5e67f6ee23da4 - A look back at the known deaths of February 2018

Also in February 2018, we had some well-known fellow beings, let it go. So died on February 1, the American singer Dennis Edwards, he was 74. American actor John Mahoney was 77 and died on 4 February. On 9 February it was the turn of actor Reg E. Cathey, he was barely 59.

On 13 February they had in Denmark to say goodbye to a royalty. Prince Henrik was 83. Less than 1 day later in the Netherlands, the death note of ex-prime minister Ruud Lubbers (78).

On February 19, we took in our own country then farewell to Benny The Roock, the dj was only 56. Even someone who barely 53 was the British actress Emma Chambers, she died on February 21.

In Britain, they took on February 23, goodbye of two people. So died singer Eddy Arnoo (74) and Director Lewis Gilbert.

On February 24, shook the Flemish showbizz on its foundations. Wim Claes died unexpectedly. He wrote songs for a lot of Flemish artists with whom he also has a great relationship had. He was only 56.

On February 26, finally died in the Netherlands presenter Mies Bouwman. She was 88.

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